Paris's Hidden Oddity Flea Market: Doll Heads, Vinyl and Bizarre Taxidermy

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After meeting the incredible illustrators at Fortifem, I had a HUGE list of creepy and odd places in Paris with little time. How could you not fall in love with Jessica and her creeper destinations, she owns a Lil' Bub mug for fuck's sake. Jessica's recommendation? This AMAZING flea market in Paris.

fortifem lil bub

Image taken on instagram after a night of wine, radishes and black metal.

In the Northern part of Paris behind buildings and through alleys, you will fall into the lap of an amazing flea market. Grumpy old Parisian men, large and loud baguette eating shop owners and yes, tiny dogs.

alley paris market

It is literally hidden in alleyways...look close and hard. It is NOT the annoying bazar with the knock off adidas shit. 

dog paris

His owner was drinking hard liquor out of a pop bottle and smoking a cigar, he yelled at me after I took this...and here it is, I win.

paris sign flea market

If you see this sign, you have arrived!

paris alley market

Enjoy the stroll and watch out for the knock-offs. There is also a map that directs you, however I recommend getting lost here.

danish modern paris furniture

I fell in love with this quirky shop, Danish Modern on the outside....

skulls danish modern paris

...SKULLS on the inside. I cannot help to think that this is a metaphor of myself.

baby heads paris creepy

Scissors, naked dolls...I say why NOT?

skeleton riding a fish

Ride on little fella, ride on.

skull raven paris

This little gem actually belonged to grumpy old whiskey man and his cute dog. I was tying to buy this for under 100 Euro, but he kept saying, "reel" over and over...meaning don't fucking touch this and get away from me and my dog.

flea market paris crowded

Just a bit of traveling advice, I know people talk about thieves and blending in...they are not joking. Crowded corners are everywhere, if someone points down at the ground, just ignore. It's pretty common. I say rule of thumb in Paris? Stick with blacks or earthy neutrals and you will be fine. In my opinion the only color you should be wearing is black, ever. 

paris flea market

Beautiful amazing junk ready to become your annoying carry-on buddy! I managed to smash ALL the glass I bought this trip. Lesson never learned.

paris post cards

As I promised...if you send me your address I will send you a postcard. Ask anyone. Ciao!