Paris's Abandoned Train Tracks

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Paris La REcyclerie

Local. Eco-Friendly. Co-op. Picnic Style. Farm to Table.

These are words that do not come to mind when imagining yourself in Paris, right? You think cobblestone streets, mystery charcuterie platters, street musicians, and sexy smoking. If that is what you want, then Paris has it. However, after awhile it gets old. Very old.

If you are looking for something a little more "crunchy" and laid back, perhaps a bit more "Seattle-esque", the La REcyclerie in Northern Paris is the bees knees! This place has it all! Do not be fooled by the outside of the building.

Le Corner de la Recyclerie

Come in! Read the menu or take a tray!

La Recyclerie

La Recyclerie

To my vegan and vegetarian your heart out!

After you grab your tray, do not forget the wine on your way out! Yes? Also, note this place practices what it preaches. Most of the items you see are made of recycled objects, not to mention the stunning light filled architectural space itself.

Wine at the Recylerie in Paris

Paris Architecture Recyclerie

Don't feel like eating inside? Head to the tracks!

La Recyclerie

Paris La Recyclerie

Look! There is an entire world of feasting on the tracks!

This is my favorite part of "recycling." Take a closer look at the images and see if you recognize anything. Also, note the cute little playground with chickens!

La Recyclerie

La Recyclerie

I am in love with the cool metal doors meeting the rust and red brick.

Just when you think the fun is over, drop off your tray, wander around the interiors, then say hello to the staff. I speak very little French, and yet everyone was VERY kind. Don't be a dick, just use French basics.

La Recyclerie

La Recyclerie

Plants, up-cycled frames and metal boxes...wait there is more!

La Recyclerie

Look up! If you go upstairs, visit the mezzanine...

For those with ADD, like me, this is amazing stimuli overload and also a busy nightmare. Just know that it is loud and crowded. Take a deep breath introverts and focus on the food, colors and textures; this is TOTALLY worth it. WAIT...on the way out...grab some vintage vinyl (cliche? yes, but fun). Mostly blues and jazz classics (no black metal, sorry kids) but fun to thumb through!

Vinyl Records

I HOPE after lunch you are headed to my favorite secret flea market!? Here you can find skulls, taxidermy, vintage toys, old postcards and more. There is NOTHING else like it. I promise you will have the best day in Paris staying North. Please be aware of the pickpockets outside here!