Paris Breakfast, Vintage, and Cemeteries: A Mapped Out Route

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For those of you stuck inside and dreaming of travel, today I will take you on a virtual trip, a day in Paris, on the house from Creepy Girl Travels! Here is today's itinerary. ENJOY!

Location: Montmartre (this is where Amelie was shot) Metro: 12 and get off at Abbesses Walking Time: 30 total

I loved this part of the movie...

  1. Breakfast: at Gontran Cherrier: 22 Rue Caulaincourt (45mn)
  2. Shop: stop at the Vintage toy shop and quirky trinket dealer: Tombees du Camion (30mn)
  3. Cemetery: Cross the bridge and head under the streets to Montmartre Cemetery (there is a public bathroom here, however, it's NOT clean). (3-4 hours)
  4. Lunch time! Grab street food and find a place to sit. I had an amazing goat cheese and fig baked pastry. (40mn)
  5. Wander the streets of Montmartre! There are tons of vegan/vegetarian restaurants and vintage/thrift shops here. (3-4 hours)

NOTE: For dinner in Montmartre, it is WAY more fun to grab food to go (i.e. a box of pizza), and then head up to Sacre Coeur for a sunset dinner on the steps. There is usually live music along with people selling beer for cheap! It is an amazing experience and HIGHLY recommended.


Breakfast Time!

Gontran Cherrier came HIGHLY recommended from Jessica, an amazing Parisian illustrator at  Fortifem (look her up!) who I met up with for a few days in Paris. I loved the smoked salmon and fresh dill with goat cheese on a soft roll. Ask for "café américain", meaning black coffee (NOT the same as an "americano").

Gontran Cherrier Creepy Girl Travels

Fancy entrance, with a cemetery horizon.


Too many to choose from: I saved the limon (white cake) for the evening since we were staying only a few blocks away.

Gontran Cherrier

Yes, I caved and ALSO had my favorite, a chocolate croissant.

Off to Tombees du Camion!

Tombees du Camion

This is the place where Parisians go to find childhood nostalgia!

Tombees du Camion

Come in mesdames et messieurs!

Tombees du Camion


Tombees du Camion

An amazing wall lined up with detailed, color saturated and vignettes. It felt like a vintage Parisian school house!

Tombees du Camion

Happy nostalgia, rubber baby key-chains, creepy masks and retro jewelry!

Shotgun baby

Guns and babies...a perfect blend of happiness!


beautiful french girl

This beautiful woman was VERY kind. She pointed out La Recyclerie for vintage vinyl and other vintage goods. She said it was fun to see Parisian adults walk into the store and get excited about holding their childhood toys!

Creepy Doll Heads

More creepy doll heads. I am seeing a theme here.

creepy babydolls

Vintage Letters

The woman showed me how she has made her own jewelry with vintage typewriter keys and rubber babies...

Vintage Parisian Papers

As always CGT will send you a postcard during travels if you send your address!

I was drooling over the skull door knocker. Unfortunately, it was much too heavy for my backpack. Someone else get it?!

Lunchtime! Pack it up and eat it in the cemetery.

Le Grenier a Pain

Hot fig and goatcheese sandwich

Au Revoir! And off to the cemetery under the streets HERE!


Montmartre Cemetery

I will keep providing mini office travel days or planned days in Paris for those who need an itinerary. Day planning can be frustrating in Europe with no WIFI (or "wee fee" as they say here). Also,  people usually travel a few weeks out of the year so most of the time we are either dreaming or planning. Hopefully this allows you to dream and plan a day in Northern Paris! Or sip your coffee and have a chocolate croissant at the office and pretend. I also want to emphasize I stick with budget friendly destinations so you can spend more days in Paris without going bankrupt.

Just print this little walking map above, fold it up in your pocket, and you have a whole day ahead of you!