6 Things You Did Not Know About the MayDay Parade

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Every year the city opens up Bloomington Ave. to handmade puppets and thespians while residents share yards and water to thousands of spectators for the MayDay Parade, a 3 part event that helps frozen Minnesotan's thaw out for the Spring.

On Sunday morning my dog Laika and I got up had brunch and headed to the parade in beautiful 80 degree weather.

1. The Parade is pet friendly: if your dog can take the heat and noise, bring them along. Residents share water dishes and shady spots just for your little creatures.

A group of people were outside the cafe playing, "MayDay Parade Bingo". Remember Auto Bingo!? 

2. If you get up early enough people are sometimes just as interesting as the can also do a cliche, and eat at the MayDay cafe...or my favorite is Modern Times Cafe: Menu has: V=Vegan Veg=Vegetarian and C=Carnivore. Warning the coffee is AMAZING but really dark: you will shit your pants.

I posted this image on instagram and someone wrote that this was his neighbor's van along with: #powderhorn it is a lifestyle...

3. After brunch, search for the oddball creeper cars...

Creeper Grass Van MayDay Parade

Challenge: name all the toys.

MayDay Parade Minneapolis

4. The parade is meant to be a visual performance. The first part of the parade is called the Free Speech section. Entrants have to follow rules: no motorized vehicles, items must be handmade and you must have a banner. You cannot amplify vocals either, everything must be natural voice-sorry Kanye.

MayDay Parade Drums Minneapolis

Batons, feathers and Minneapolis gypsies...this is a love child from Mad Max and Water World.

MayDay Puppets

5. MayDay parade has been around for 39 years and began with just 50 people. Today it is supported by a pretty heavy hitting staff with extensive resumes: Art Shanty project, Bedlam Theater, Duluth All Souls Night, ArtStart, thespians with worldwide experience (Peru and Chile to name a few), degrees in world Cultural Performance and published authors.

MayDay Parade Miinneapolis

6. For those who cannot hear, the MayDay parade will actually provide a ASL services so that you can be part of the message.