Paris's Creepy Medical Nightmare

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Medical History Museum

The most creepy and beautiful medical building in Paris, holds Chinese acupuncture dolls, teeth, fake eyeballs and even tools to extract kidney stones. These items are extremely rare, the oldest in Europe, dating all the way back from the 19th Century. The collection began procurement in 1803, from the Academy of Surgery. This is not for the "faint of heart" but a little (I stress LITTLE) haven of love for a weirdo like myself. Welcome ladies and gents to the "Museum of the History of Medicine." Enjoy! -CG


The Museum is not easy to find, you have to look for this outside of Paris's Descartes University:

Go up to the 2nd floor, and use the creepy shaky elevator for full effect:

Open the door...

What I loved the most about this Museum is how simple yet elegant everything was. I get spoiled and take for granted the detailed nature of display Parisians create, all their museums are beautiful. I recently went to the Bell Museum of Natural History in Minneapolis, and I had to remind myself how young our country is and out of touch we are with the arts. I also came at a time in Paris where there was much turmoil and seeing "Je suis Charlie" all over the street of Paris was very emotional. Parisians love and take much pride in their artists and artful living, as should we, here in the US.


  • September 1st-July 15th: Winter hours 
    from 2:00 to 5:30 pm except Thursdays, Sundays and holidays (last admission at 5 pm)
  • July 15th to August 31st: Summer hours
    from 2:00 to 5:30 pm, except  Saturdays, Sundays and the 15th of August (last admission at 5pm)
  • Annual closing: From 23rd of December 2010 to 2nd of Januray 2011 included.

Admission: €3.50
Students, unemployed: €2.50

Ask me for my waking is about 2 miles with bookstores, food and other quirky stuff. Warning a lot of sweets.