Green-Wood Cemetery: New York

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A few years back a body was found at the Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn, not in a casket. The corpse was stuffed in the sewer system, in kneeling position, wearing nothing but Dr. Martens. I got this bit of info from an off-duty tour guide, Kim Rancourt of Tiny Tours, during the most bizarre day of my life. This day began at Quaker Cemetery in Prospect Park, then to a Walgreens parking lot, where I iced my bloody tattoo back down to normal size and finally  ended with the Morbid Anatomy Museum Flea Market.

 One of my favorite details, an Elks clock alive in patina goodness.

One of my favorite details, an Elks clock alive in patina goodness.

Say hello to the man in the security booth. He is a gentle Italian giant with hands the size of bear paws. He gave us a map and told us how to start:

Long story short: a man by the name of Kim Rancourt, coincidentally an off duty tour guide, came through the cemetery gates and I asked if we could jump into his car and get an unofficial tour-I was desperate.

Trivia: guess what this sculpture below is waving at...if you do not know, talk to Kim. HERE

What I find interesting is the reason people come to cemeteries. Our guide, Kim, was here to have a moment of solitude with his resting friends and relax. During the tour Kim reminisced about crazy journeys and adventures that were once had.  At one point I was actually streaming 'Kill for Peace' through my phone, atop "Tuli" Kupferberg's grave (The Fugs)while Kim sang along saying Tuli would have loved this.

For those not familiar with Tuli's non-musical career, he was known for trying to levitate buildings and surviving his jump off the Brooklyn Bridge.

 I found this mutt of styles image worthy: Egypt meets the Virgin Mary.

I found this mutt of styles image worthy: Egypt meets the Virgin Mary.

Indian Princess Grave

This is the grave of an Indian princess, Do-Hum-Me, who was brought to the US as a circus prop forto her beauty. Above is a an image of an Indian crying since she died tragically of influenza at age 18, 5 days after her wedding at Barnum’s Museum.

Green-Wood Cemetery

A haunting and lonely grave at the edge of the water.

Creepy Man Head

Green-Wood Cemetery

More amazing monuments to scroll through:

One bizarre fact is that Monk-Parakeets nest in the spires of Green-Wood's gothic gatehouse as seen below.

"Legend has it that the now-wild birds escaped in the 1960s when a crate of caged monk parakeet broke open at JFK airport."




Much thanks to two amazing people at Green-Wood. When in Brooklyn, call Kim ask for the CGT Society tour. He will know what you mean, mention you are with Creepy Girl Travels and he will show you all the creepy NY stuff you need to see, approved by me. -CG


Green-Wood Cemetery