SHIBUI in NYC: A Dark, Hidden, Collection of Japanese Pirates and Gore

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PLEASE READ: Warning, this is not meant for children. Images are referenced for historic/artistic purposes only. Nudity, sexual content and extreme violent images are displayed here.

 Warning: images are graphic and are meant to be shared in a tasteful and historic fashion. Above are my purchases.

Warning: images are graphic and are meant to be shared in a tasteful and historic fashion. Above are my purchases.

Before you hit the Brooklyn bridge to cross over towards Manhattan, go below the streets and into Shibui, a 20 year old Japanese antique store and talk with the owner, Dane Owen. He will share with you his secret antique collection of images and books not displayed for public. What you will witness and hold are his personal collections of gritty photographs that document casualties of war, beached heads of pirates on Asian shorelines, and bizarre Japanese illustrations of vintage porn and folklore-violence.


Tell Dane you are with the CGT Society, and he will share his rare collections with you. They are all hidden pretty well! If you are lucky, you may be able to buy something, if you can convince him. During his show and tell, he also shared beautiful stories about ancient Japanese culture and his trips to Japan. One example: horses wore woven straw shoes instead of metal horseshoes, and he will actually show you the straw shoes in the store. He also explained why babies in photographs are blurry...ask him yourself. The image below is NOT for sale. BUMMER. I really wanted this poster, this was definitely his prize possession:


Like every business person I talked with, amazing shops like these are getting pushed out of Brooklyn due to high rent, while Starbucks continues to litter the streets. Some small businesses are forced to move every 5 years, but places such as Dane's that deal antiquities, should not be moving so often in order to maintain the preservation of their antiques.

One final note is the store itself. There is much modern whimsy mixed with aged-architecture, raw exposed lumber beams hovering over the etched and polished concrete flooring, while old pipes and aged brick juxtapose each other, making the older displays feel right at home with some of the newer J-pop culture as seen below:



Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 7pm
Closed Monday


As always, if you send me your address, I will send you a postcard...or if you are a CGT Society Member, you get one as well. The Godzilla one went to me. Please support small local businesses when traveling. -CG