Black Friday

A Parisian Tattoo Convention!

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 This was the outside of the convention: LA GRANDE HALLE DE LA VILLETTE

This was the outside of the convention: LA GRANDE HALLE DE LA VILLETTE

I had this crazy idea of an international collaborative tattoo...I knew a few things:

  1. The MONDIAL DU TATOUAGE 2015 was happening when we were in Paris this year, a dream come true.
  2. I love the idea of being tattooed when traveling. I try to do this a lot, and always fail.
  3. It sounded bad-ass, collaborating with my local artist here in Minneapolis, Poohki, and perhaps with someone from Spain or Finland!

REALITY: Traveling with fresh ink SUCKS, and on top of this I was very ill (I almost missed the trip), so I had to give up the dream, yet I still had tickets to the convention.

Welcome to...


For those that are not aware of what the conventions are like or how you get inked, you have to directly connect with the artists before the convention, then schedule a time for you to come in during the show. If they are local, it is unlikely you will get a spot over their favorite customer.

"Some artists are in high demand, and are often fully booked way in advance. Depending on your request and the tattoo artist’s availability, he/she will answer to discuss his/her availabilities and whether or not he/she wants to fulfill your project."

We spent half of the day drinking beer, eating hot dogs (yesssssss, sorry Tara) and going to all the booths. I really loved looking at the good old fashioned portfolios. It was refreshing to see hand drawings as well.


This woman above was a total sassafras and would only let me take a picture of her hand because she said she was "ugly". Picture a beautiful black haired woman with awesome tattoos crawling up her long spine and towards her cheekbones. Her husband was tattooing in a chair next to her...he laughed and told me she was difficult and that they have been dating for 15+ years and he was never allowed to tattoo her. HA!

Paris Tattoo Convention

A lot of artists also made pieces for people to take home. Skull bunnies, skateboards, coffins and upside-down crosses littered the walls along with jewelry. There was even a bizarre pink mini van in the middle of the convention hall for women to get their nails done, ink style.

Paris Tattoo Convention

This dude was the MOST serious of all the peeps. He also had some of the best back work I have ever seen. He came all the way from Japan. HERE He had quite the crowd surrounding him, and a very large following in general, which is impressive given his distance from home.

Man Butt

There were competitions could look down form the upper level for some cheek action. There were also concerts playing on and off (not my bag).

Tattoo Convention

Nicest guy at the convention and BEST Gandalf tattoo. It was stunning.

Paris Tattoo Convention

I could not resist...NOSFERATU! I posted this to instagram and this fella above found me! Ha! My husband liked his shirt just as much as the tattoo...

Paris Tattoo Convention

Last but not least, I LOVED this guy: Rafel Delalande.

I am seeing more and more of these patchwork style tattoos, black, flat, objects, worn more like a pin collection or a patch on a jacket. I see a lot of London kids sporting them. I find them interesting and fun, I got one later on...

TIP: If you are traveling, I always recommend talking with tattoo artists and asking if they know people where you are going OR if they can recommend places to visit. A lot of my awesome finds in Paris and Budapest were from the tattoo shops themselves. Happy Black Friday, ending with a Black Metal is a stretch...but I make the rules here!

FINAL TIP: When leaving the convention...

do not trust this hot dog lady below...these were terrible AND expensive.

I know she looks cute and happy, while enticing you with her Latin flavors atop a sesame toasted bun, DO NOT DO IT. From one hotdog lover to another...

 Nope...I warned you...

Nope...I warned you...

Have you been to any tattoo conventions? Have you been tattooed while traveling!? I would LOVE to hear your story.

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