In a nutshell: architecture, animals, skulls, science, metal and tattoos.

During the day I am in the architectural field, and on my free-time,  I am secretly an oddity travel enthusiast. My passion for alternative travel and counter-culture began at childhood, always studying travel magazines, funerary rituals of individual cultures and how they live along with spending way too much time in the art studios or my mother's science classroom. Hence always known as a designer/artist that is cute, yet a little too creepy for some.

postcards travel thailand

I have collected postcards since I was very little. This picture is in loving memory of my Uncle Jim, a true world traveler, who sent me postcards from all his journeys until he passed away. Today his daughter, my cousin Stephanie, continues the family travel tradition. The Malaysia postcard above is from one of her travels.

I use travel as a way to break free from the professional nature of my career and become myself again: a morbid doom-metal loving curious creeper-who also loves animals (be aware of random architectural or animal themed posts). 

My goal is to experience a gritty and raw, in-depth social experience from the world I explore while connecting with fascinating local people like Jessica at Fortifem. I have always struggled to find places that meet my needs, and sometime the best places are given out by people that I know or trust, or are just as creepy-weird as me.

Inside this candle/ globe is a black stone skull waiting to be unearthed! An AMAZING custom candle from Haven of the Stars in NY! Thank you!!! 


You can follow on instagram or Tumblr. Warning: a lot of dogs and cemeteries on instagram, and a lot of gory offensive re-posts on tumblr-sorry in advance. Enough chaos to make a marketing social media professional want to kill themselves. #creepygirltravels

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